Mobile Banking

What is Mobile Banking ?

Welcome to the new era! Banking is not about the branches and paperwork only. It has digitalized in Digital Bangladesh. Banks has introduced Mobile Banking Servers!

bKash, Rocket, UCash, mCash, SureCash etc are the mobile banking based banking system for un-banked peoples. At 2011 DBBL 1st introduces this USSD based mobile banking with the name of DBBL Mobile Banking.

This is actually a mobile numbered based wallet account, where the user can deposit and withdraw money from anywhere in the country. This wallet also allows users to send money to other users and pay utility bills from home.

How to Use Bkash Server

bKash User Manual

Auto Bkash Server

Any Grammenphone/Robi/Banglalink/Teletalk subscriber can register as a bKash user. And, open a bKash wallet in Bkash Server from his mobile by pressing *247#. Before conducting any transaction, users need to submit his legal NID and photos to a nearby agent. After completing all registration process, users can Cash In any amount of money in his bKash wallet from bKash server agents. And, users can send money to other bKash user or buy airtime for friends and family including his own.

And, he can cash out the money from agents or ATM booth while he needs it.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Bkash

Ultra Fast Mobile Banking System in Bangladesh
  1. Cash Deposit facility is a common advantage for all wallet users. Registered users can deposit money into his mobile wallet from particuler authorized agents or banks.
  2. Users also withdraw money from agents or banks booths with a little transaction charge.
  3. Cell phone wallet is a safe way to carry money to anywhere you want. No need to carry paper money any more!
  4. Buying mobile talk time is an easy and advanced system for its users. They can purchase talk time for friends and family also.
  5. Sending money to dear one from home and abroad is an easy matter now! It was not easy like this ever before. And, account holders can receive remittance from home now.
  6. Salary Disbursement is another facility what mobile banking account offers to a business owner. They can send employees salaries from anywhere they want!
  7. The user can pay their utility bills from home! No need to stand in a bill queue anymore! Even cell phone wallet subscribers can pay various merchants bill through their mobile wallet.

How to Use Mobile Banking S Server ?

At first, you need to register as a wallet user from authorized agents. After completing the registration process agent will give you a USSD code to operate your wallet account.

By dialing that USSD code (eg. *247# / *322#) you can access your wallet account. And, you can deposit money from agents or banks. You can also withdraw money from particular booth or agents.

Some of the mobile banking wallet now offering interest on your monthly deposited amount! You can also send money to your dear ones. And as we mentioned before, you can buy airtime, pay bills and know your real-time balance over SMS.

Final Thoughts

Mobile Banking! A Great facility for un-banked peoples. Over 70% people live in a rural area of Bangladesh, where proper banking facilities are not as easier. Now people can enjoy banking facilities from mobile banking servers. So, maintain the rules and enjoy Happy Banking!

Cautions for Account Bkash Account Holders
  • Mobile banking account is totally mobile number based. So, do not share any account related information an unknown person.
  • Make a call for a helpline for any kind of help or account relate quarry.
  • No company will offer you any free money. So, do not believe any scam callers.
  • If you lost your mobile, call to helpline number and block your account immediately.
  • No banks or cell phone banking operator will ask for your secret PIN. Do not share your account related information.
  • Every transaction is your liability, avoid illegal transactions.

Bkash in Bangladesh

Mobile banking facilities such bKash is a blessing to Bangladeshi people. Now, any kind of the monetary transaction is so easy. Just, users need to be aware of scammers. And, follow proper guidelines for any transactions.


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