Auto Bkash Software

What is Bkash

bKash Limited, a sister concern of BRAC Bank Limited has started their operation In 2011 with the help of Money in Motion LLC, USA. Later International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has joined with the team. bKash Server is aimed to ensure affordable and reliable access to financial services for the people of Bangladesh

Villages are the heart of Bangladesh. More than 70% of the population lives in rural areas here. And in a rural area, formal financial services is not so easy. But, people need to access financial tools to send and receive money.

Here in Bangladesh, mobile phone facilities have spread very quickly. Over 68% of the population have mobile phones access nowadays. And, the bKash server is a cell phone based transaction system. So, on go banking facilities like this one is a popular and reliable banking tools for its users, and its getting popular day by day.

How to Use Bkash Server

bKash User Manual

Auto Bkash Software

Any cell phone subscriber like Grammenphone/Robi/Banglalink/Teletalk/Airtel can register themselves as a bKash wallet user. By the help of authorizing agents user need to open a virtual wallet in Bkash Server from his mobile by pressing *247#. After completing the registration process, users can “Cash In” to his wallet from authorized agents. And, can send money to others wallet or buy mobile airtime for friends-family including his own.

And, he can cash out the money from agents or ATM booth while he needs it. “Cash Out” facilities from agents or ATM booth is available to withdraw the money from the wallet.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Bkash Software

bkash Best Mobile Banking Solution in Bangladesh

Bkash, is an innovative mobile banking system for all kinds of users. As we mention before, there are Cash In facility to refill the wallet and Cash Out to withdraw the money.

Users can withdraw money from wallet via agents or BRAC Bank ATM Booths. And, send money to other bKash users using Send Money option. Receiving money from abroad is too easy for registered wallet users. Anyone can send money to a wallet via Western Union Agents.

The disadvantage of Bkash is, if the user is not aware of the secure transaction and did not properly handle his mobile and account PIN, he may face difficulties to conduct the transaction. Nowadays some scammers calling bKash users and propose various kinds of scam. Users should aware of these type of scam call and should not share wallet PIN with anyone else

There not much more disadvantage of Bkash Server System. This transaction facility is totally secure. But, the user needs to handle his mobile and account PIN securely. Nowadays some scammers inveigle users by proposing them a large amount of lottery money. And, influencing users to share their personal or transactional information over the phone. Users need to remind that, Bkash server executives will never ask for PIN. So, be aware of scammers.

Cautions of Bkash Software

Be Careful Using Bkash Software

  1. Do not share account PIN with anyone else.
  2. 16247 is bKash help center number. Make a call for any kind of information
  3. Do not share account related information to the unknown person.
  4. Bkash will not ask for a PIN number.
  5. Do not conduct any illegal transaction.
  6. Be aware of scammers.

Bkash in Bangladesh

bKash Software Transaction System is first popular mobile banking facilities for Bangladeshi peoples. Sending money to friends and family was not easy like this. Be aware of scammers and transaction safely.
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